» Those who want to understand Berlin’s flair and become a part of this metropolis will find a perfect home away from home at UMBOs. «

Annette Kicken

UMBOs in Berlin’s vibrant Mitte district is a stylish addition to the German capital’s repertoire of exclusive furnished luxury apartments. The classical residential building, located on one of the most beautiful streets of the »Scheunenviertel «, has been expanded and renovated with great attention to historical architectural detail. UMBOs is comprised of apartments in different sizes and styles in the front-building and side wing. There are spacious roof-top apartments, generous suites that each stretch across two floors, and more compact apartments, which combine a living room and a comfortable bedroom, to choose from.

The eponym of the apartments is the legendary photographer Otto Umbehr (1902–1980), alias Umbo. In 1920s Berlin Umbo discovered photography, the play of light and shadow, the wild city as an immortal subject — and this is where he created his most famous work. All the apartments are named after a different Umbo photograph. The eclectic interiors are shaped by owner Annette Kicken’s passion for seeking and finding special pieces. The mix of famous mid-century classics combined with antique finds from flea markets and contemporary elements account for the unique and warm flair of UMBOs.

No 1
Clown Grock
Come home where northern light meets an emerald jungle.

A stunning, light and airy two-story loft of 77 square meters with an open stainless steel kitchen/dining area, spacious and cozy lounge and a bathroom with a bathtub on the ground floor. The equally large souterrain has a king-size double bed and quiet study area under the historic brick vaults, and another sleek bathroom with a walk-in shower. Charming outside sitting area for a coffee and a breath of fresh air.

No 1 Clown Grock (upstairs)
No 1 Clown Grock (downstairs)
No 2
Unheimliche Straße
Find calm in French country-style and mid-sixties Côte d’Azur.

Large cozy two-story loft of 88 square meters with an open stainless steel kitchen, large dining table and lambskin sofa on the ground level. Under the historic vaulted ceiling the spacious souterrain includes a lounge/study area, a king- size double bed and an absolutely stunning bathroom with a large tub. Charming outside sitting area for a glass of wine and a whiff of Berlin air.

No 2 Unheimliche Straße (upstairs)
No 2 Unheimliche Straße (downstairs)
No 3
Willis Bock
Cookies meet cream, straight lines meet lushness.

One of our larger apartments with a generous open-plan kitchen/lounge area overlooking our tranquil bamboo garden. A cosy bedroom plus a generous study/snug make enough room for your body and soul, with lots of storage space for either! This apartment has all the amenities yet guaranteeing you an authentic Berlin experience.

No 3 Willis Bock
No 4
The stars are aligned: Design history meets the Here and Now.

Work and Play in this generously layouted apartment with plenty of space for entertaining and relaxing. Generous live-in kitchen with views of the green courtyard, beautiful lounge, cozy bedroom, spacious study, bathroom with tub, additional guest toilet. Plenty of wardrobe space. What’s not to like?

No 4 Spielhof
No 5
Keep cool when metal meets warm grey territorio alpino.

A cool and cozy apartment of 42 square meters on the first floor with an open stainless steel kitchen, sleek table and chairs, a most comfortable armchair to rest in after long Berlin days and nights, and a bedroom with a king-size double bed and custom-made wardrobe. Bathroom with walk-in shower.

No 5 Selbst
No 6
Ruth mit Maske
Get cozy in Vienna secession melange style.

A good-sized apartment of 43 square meters for lovers of clear lines on the first floor with a sitting/dining area, open stainless steel kitchen and cozy bedroom with a king-size double bed and custom-made wardrobe. Bathroom with walk-in shower.

No 6 Ruth mit Maske
No 7
Kolja Wassilieff
The perfect oasis for city safaris where Berlin Babylon meets Studio 54.

A large two-bedroom apartment of 90 square meters. Get busy in the open-plan kitchen/dining or hang out in the tranquil lounge area with large panoramic windows. There is a second cosy bedroom that can be used as a study or guest room - whatever you need. Bathroom with walk-in shower. Plus: There is plenty of wardrobe space to keep you prepared for Berlin shopping sprees!

No 7 Kolja Wassilieff
No 8
Der Hut
You can leave your Hat on, Baby…

It’s hip to be square in this elegant yet comfy two-bedroom apartment. Generous live-in kitchen with views of the green courtyard, spacious lounge, cozy bedroom, snug study/guest bedroom, bathroom with tub, additional guest toilet. Plenty of wardrobe space. Move in already!

No 8 Der Hut
No 9
Breath through forms of nature — sun and wood.

A compact, bright and friendly apartment of 43 square meters on the second floor with a small lambskin sofa, open stainless steel kitchen — including a wood and glass table you will be rooting for — a bedroom with a king-size double bed and custom-made wardrobe. Bathroom with walk-in shower.

No 9 Pantoffeln
No 10
Enjoy warm red gold mid-century cherry and sky top terrace.

A beautiful maisonette of 84 square meters with a generous terrace overlooking the quiet bamboo garden in the courtyard. The lower floor consists of a cozy lounge with a lambskin sofa, bedroom, small study area and bathroom with walk-in shower. A spiral staircase leads to the upper floor, which hosts a magnificent light-filled living and dining room with stainless steel kitchen, access to the peaceful roof terrace, and comfy niches to settle down in with a good book and a glass of wine.

No 10 Träumende (upstairs)
No 10 Träumende (downstairs)
No 11
Berlin rooftop Cubism in Black, White and ‚Cool‘.

A large rooftop apartment of 77 square meters with high ceilings and fine views. Stay here if you enjoy open-plan living, soft light, airy spaces and selected vintage furniture. Full length sliding doors open up the lounge area to a cosy terrace. You can enjoy the views from your big bold vintage sofa or take a spin in Jacobson’s legendary Egg Chair. Bathroom with bath tub and walk-in shower.

No 11 Artistenschule
No 12
Get cosy with 'Alex' where East Coast meets East Berlin

A large roof-top apartment of 110 square meters with not one but two private terraces to enjoy the view of the 'Alex' radio tower. Picture yourself in a spacious and light lounge and dining area, with a large kitchenette attached, and furnished with a melange of relaxed American East Coast antiques and mid-century design classics. The library/nook can be separated by a folding door to become a second bedroom, study - whatever you need. There are two bathrooms (one with shower/one with bath tub), a walk–in wardrobe and a small laundry room to make this place a full-blown „working“ home.

No 12 Strandleben
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„Come and be a lazy lout
Put up your feet and lie about
Come to Caputh and forget all the rest
Including your papa if you think it best“

Albert Einstein to his son Eduard in 1931

The House on the Lake is about nature and culture, peace and tranquility, about the search for relaxation from the hectic buzz of the city. The property, directly on the edge of the Lake Caputh nature reserve, 40 minutes southwest of Berlin, offers the eyes a sweeping vista and the city dweller all of the comforts of a personally designed private residence. The House on the Lake is a place for activities and gatherings with friends, for introspection and peace. It can be a cozy home for a family or a romantic hideaway.

Inquiries: seehaus@umbos.berlin

On a private lakeside property in Caputh, a 1950s summer house was carefully integrated into a balanced, newly designed garden landscape in 2007. Inspiration and example for the renovations and the careful transformation process came from the 1920s Einstein House in Caputh with its thought-out wooden construction and charming porthole windows. The house has been conscientiously designed with natural and historical materials. The interiors prove generous and relaxed, true to the cosmopolitan, art-loving style of the owner, with discreet and practical built-ins for ample storage. The design is palpably personal: artefacts and antiques from all the continents mingle with vintage furniture and individual custom pieces. The garden brings together natural flower fields, beds of flowers, and age-old apple trees so common to the area. A small boat dock with a sun deck invites residents to the lake.


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Annette Kicken
Kaiserdamm 118 • 14057 Berlin

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